ATV Safety Introduction

In this video, you’ll be introduced to the value and importance of ATV Safety.

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Phased Three, Make It You

You have a great and growing library of videos and an audience to help inform how to improve the learning and teaching. Now you can look for ways to differentiate the experience and keep the content relevant. Look for opportunities to produce videos featuring guest speakers, profiles, and documentary style content. Think of storytellers like

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Phase Two, Make It Better

Now we can take a breath and look for ways to improve course content. You have the structure down and the videos you have created have helped you form a syllabus. So with the hard part out the way, this phase can look for ways to improve the quality and content focus. You might, for

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Phase One, Get It Recorded

Stop what you’re doing right now and get it on camera. Don’t worry about visuals or how nervous you are. Just record. Recording your ideas will help you release stress and express ideas naturally. Watching back what you have recorded will help you think through what you are trying to communicate. Then, record again. You

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