Phase Two, Make It Better

Now we can take a breath and look for ways to improve course content. You have the structure down and the videos you have created have helped you form a syllabus. So with the hard part out the way, this phase can look for ways to improve the quality and content focus.

make it better with the complete tool set of Camtasia

You might, for example, record new content with added visuals like slides, artwork, or supplementary videos. You could try creating a few videos that include screen drawings or use professional produced content. On the job interviews are always a great idea for producing enrichment and applied activities.

Key Technologies

  • This phase is a good time to evaluate your investment in hardware and software. You don’t need to spend more money if you’re comfortable with the tech you have used in Phase One. Just consider that investing in more capable technology (faster computers, the latest software) will save time, improve efficiency, and can also help open up more creative opportunities.
  • TechSmith Camtasia is a great entry level recording and video editing platform. Most online course authors will not need to upgrade beyond this tool with good PowerPoint/Keynote skills. Adobe Creative Cloud is a good ecosystem to support a professional grade workflow. You can invest in the complete cloud or just the Photoshop and Lightroom subscription which can make a great compliment to Camtasia.
  • There are many microphones from companies like Rode that can improve the dynamics of your audio recordings. A basic mic can work well for a large scaled workflow. Upgrading a mic system will differentiate the quality of your sound compared to basic solutions. Just remember to keep everything consistent. If one trainer uses a Rode mic then everyone producing content at the same phase level needs to use the same mic profile.

Key Tips

  • Video files are huge. Check with your technology provider(s) to make sure you have enough cloud and local store to leverage your growing library. You may need to invest in shared storage (Studio Network Solutions) and/or enterprise cloud collaboration tools (Vimeo Business, Sony Ci, or DropBox) to help you share project responsibilities with your team.
  • Think about incorporating a stock library. Stock photos and videos can help you tell better stories without having to shoot it all yourself. Stock services can be expensive so consider the cost/benefit for each use case. For some project you may have to shoot it yourself, but always worth checking with a stock service like Unsplash, iStock, or Envato Elements.

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make it better with the complete tool set of Camtasia

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