Phased Development, Stress Free Lesson Creation

Implementing a stress free lesson creation strategy is as simple as clicking the record button every time you get an idea for a lesson. Developing an online course from scratch is time consuming and stressful. Recording video can be intimidating. Deadlines are often short and there are many unknowns. This combination of factors causes a pandemic of analysis paralysis. The result is that courses are not created and you are loosing opportunities to learn and teach.

Phased Development is a stress free lesson creation strategy that emphasis the use of rapid prototyping and continuous improvement processes to move instructors from start to finish while communicating project progress and learning outcomes.

Record When Inspired

The core of the strategy is getting lessons recorded regardless of the level of lesson planning. Recording video lesson content is simple with tools like TechSmith Camtasia. All you need to do to get started is open a new project and start a new screen recording. With a basic microphone and a simple slide deck you’ll be able to walk learns through any sequence of instruction.

make it better with the complete tool set of Camtasia

Instructors can then use a growing library of video clips to better understand how to create the final lessons. Some lesson content will be edited before publishing. The easy to use editing tools in Camtasia form a simple learning curve and make the post production process fast with a few magic tricks in the tools panel. But you can also use simple video editing tools like Apple iMovie and Adobe Rush or more professional tools like Premiere Pro or Apple FCPX.

Iterative Design

Be patient with the retake and editing process with the goal of producing a product that is engaging for learners and simple to navigate. Over time, most instructors will find that they can produce a lesson in a single take with only a few minor edits. The goal of stress free lesson creation is within reach!

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make it better with the complete tool set of Camtasia

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