Phased Three, Make It You

You have a great and growing library of videos and an audience to help inform how to improve the learning and teaching. Now you can look for ways to differentiate the experience and keep the content relevant. Look for opportunities to produce videos featuring guest speakers, profiles, and documentary style content.

Think of storytellers like Vox, TED, and Vice News. The goal is to share what you love about the topic and work to inspire learners through exposing them to a wide pallet of ideas that will encourage them to explore further. Phase Three is an opportunity to improve engagement, grow culture, and elevate user satisfaction with training and communication experiences.

Key Technology

  • WordPress is a great tool for cataloging your library of video clips and other content. The posting system is easy to use and WordPress even offers LMS capabilities with tools like LearnDash. The platform is easy to use and offers many flexibility and collaboration advantages.
  • Do you need a studio space? Developing check out ready recording kits and designing a flexible studio space are measurable investments that can help improve scalability and consistency of content.

Key Technology

  • Check for information that might be out of date. You don’t need to replace everything, just the content that includes old information.
  • Think of the pace of your course. Where do you think the learner or viewer needs a break or an opportunity to explore ideas? You can find user data by evaluating quiz results and feedback from general learner surveys.
  • Sometime lessons can appear unconnected when they are not produced in a linear format. Use teasers to clearly guide learners and create incentives to continue to the next lesson.
  • You may need to create partnerships with content and technology professionals to help you tell engaging stories and improve the development impact of earlier phases. You have already done the heavy lifting in Phase One. Because of this, you’ll be able to make the most of high end resources because they won’t be waiting on the basics.
screen recording with Camtasia and laptop

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